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About Us

Paintastic Art Craft is an online shop and engages in painting by numbers kit product retail and wholesale distribution in Singapore. Painting with paint-by-number kits is a form of DIY craft by coloring matched numeric area on well-designed template. Usually the set of kit includes canvas, acrylic paints, brush and instruction. Mini-pad has easel and the small-and-medium-sized kits have inner-frame. With decades of history, paint-by-number kit spreads all over the world and become very popular across European, American and North-eastern asian countries. By using the kit, painting becomes easy and fun, you can work out master piece by yourself very shortly. In today's fast-pacing modern society many people become very stressful, painting may help you relief stress in a way. Painting practice will improve your aesthetic, patience and hand-eye coordination. Upon the completion of the painting, you have a sense of achievement and enhanced self-confidence. Painting experience will help to develop kids’ artistic potential and cultivate a good hobby as well as activate elders’ mentality. Group painting also improves your teamwork and relationship bonding. Upon accomplishment you can use it for decoration at your home, office or shop or even give out as meaningful present. Let’s make it be part of your life style.

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