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Mandala Painting


What is Mandala Painting?
As same as other DIY paiting by numbers it includes stapled canvas, acrylic paints, brush, hanger and instruction. However the key difference is that various elegant mandala designs are well-printed on the canvas without number. You can paint you favorite patterns with given 23 colors and further more mixed colors on your own. With hundreds years of history, regardless young or old, male or female, mandala painting helps to relief your stress and achieve inner balance and completeness. In modern society, it is also an effective way of meditation and healing.
Take a snap of Mandala painting:
more patterns you can create

Step-by-Step Illustrations
1. Find a comfortable place and calm down yourself. Optionally you can play the music regardless of fast or slow, but ideally 60-bit or new-age music.
2. Choose your favorite color and start painting.
3. Keep on painting intuitively. Simply accept whatever you have done and appreciate your art works showing your inner beings. 

Painting Tips
1.  Acrylic paint is quick-drying and water-soluble. Hence you must cover it closely after painting. However you can use few drops of water to thin it if it becomes too dry. 
2.  You can re-paint wherever you accidentally paint wrongly. You can wipe it with tissue if not dry. You must wait until it is dry up if want to paint another color. 
3.  Don't forget to clean the brush in water when you take a break.
4.  The product is not for 0-3 years children.
5.  You can mix color in creative and imaginative manner and paint your way to releash your artistic potential.

Clips of Paint by Number Kit on Youtube
1. clip 1 -- How to draw Mandala?
2. clip 2 -- Practicing Mandala painting